My Memories Of A Future Life
by Roz Morris

A highly original premise delivered with aplomb. This 'when worlds collide' story is both haunting and compelling. High quality writing, as you would expect from an already commercially successful author. A novel that stays with you long after the reading.
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Some Of Our Favourite Reads
  The Story of My Assassins
by Tarun J. Tejpal

An investigative journalist first learns of an attempt on his life when the Delhi police arrest his would-be assassins. A story of how fate governs every life.

  Fifty Shades of Grey
by E.L. James

Fashionable as it is to knock best-sellers for being less than Nobel Prize winning literature, this book deals quite well with the topic of unrequited love and raises the bar for the common man in the bedroom.
  The Crucible Part 1
by Ruby Barnes

A fast-paced political thriller jam-packed with action, espionage and conspiracy. Set in a near future of viral pandemic, third world exploitation and religious fundamentalism.

  The Friday Gospels
by Jenn Ashworth

Well plotted and multi-layered story of familly, faith and religion.
by Hugh Howey

An impressive debut novel set in a convincing and chilling dystopian world.
  Officer Jones
by Derek Ciccone

Fast paced mystery/thriller about and international correspondent who stumbles upon the biggest story of his career. If you enjoy his style Ciccone has several other titles available.

  Four Widows
by Helen MacArthur

Polished writing, well-drawn characters, perfectly paced and with excellent plotting. A tale of female friendship at its best.
  Tango In Madeira
by Jim Williams

A romantic, mysterious and witty story of life, love and death on the exotic island of Madeira. George Bernard Shaw and Agatha Christie take walk-on parts in this between-the-wars novel.
  The Expats
by Chris Pavone

This well-written and pacey novel unfolds in three different time frames. Engrossing, well-plotted and full of suspense. 
  Knife Edge Anthology

A global collection of short stories from 500 to 4000 words covering everything from cosy mystery to urban noir, gumshoe and classic crime. The combination of established and new writers makes this an interesting and varied read. Available in print and e-book.
  Nail Your Novel: Bring Characters To Life
by Roz Morris

Insightful guide walks authors through the basics of protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters. Covers dialogue, showing vs. telling, motive and conflict. A great foundational tool for any writer wanting to deepen their presentation of character.
  Amara's Daughter
by E H Howard

Fantasy on a grand scale. The alternative world is effortlessly created and strong female role models buckle their swash. The sexual content means this is aimed at the older range of YA; sixteen plus.
by Harriet Steele

Well written and researched historical fiction. A roller coaster tale with convincing characters which delivers an authentic flavour of the turbulent Elizabethan era.
  My Life In Black And White
by Kim Izzo

Time-travel romantic comedy, this is an imaginative novel with a very original premise.
  The State We're In
by Adele Parks

In her thirteenth novel Parks has created a cast of characters that completely cover the moral spectrum. Women's fiction at its best.
by Massimo Marino

What if you woke and found you were all alone? An absorbing and intelligent post-apocalyptic novel. Imaginative and thought provoking it’s subtly different to many books in the genre. First in a trilogy.
  The Satnav of Doom
by Will Macmillan Jones

The fifth in a series of comic fantasy novels which can be enjoyed as a ‘stand alone’ but even more so if you’ve read the others and come to know the characters. Comedy and confusion reign and the humour is a mixture of slapstick and subtlety.
  Judge me Not
by Mary Wood

The gripping story of a love that cannot cross the class divide and folk law that nearly destroys. Author Mary Wood has recently signed a seven book deal with Pan Macmillan.
  Lifeform Three
by Roz Morris

In a dystopian near-future synthetic bods manage theme parks based upon historical artefacts. But one bod stays awake when the sun goes down. Gripping science fiction, at the same time tender, uplifting and hopeful.
  The Vow
by Georgia Fallon

An engaging love story laced with intrigue, deceit, blackmail, manipulation and sexual fetishes told by a cast of colourful characters.

  City of Dreams
by Harriet Steel

Paris during the 1860s and a young Russian bride arrives in the world's most glamorous and exciting city looking forward to a new life. When her French husband disappears leaving her alone and penniless she is forced into some difficult choices. A vibrant and atmospheric tale.